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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Concert video with GH2 + 20mm pancake

Here is a video recording of a concert with the Frank Znort Quartet using the Panasonic GH2 and the Lumix G 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens.

I prefocused and then selected manual focus (MF) before starting the video recording. This was done to avoid focus hunting during the video. The 20mm lens is one of the slowest focusing Micro Four Thirds lenses, and it can sometimes jog a bit back and forth during video recording, which can lead to some seconds of out of focus footage. So it is usually better to set the focus you need and the turn AF off while video recording.

The video mode is the Cinema 24P, with 1080 lines of resolution. I used ISO 1250, f/1.8, and 1/60 shutter speed during the video. The camera was handheld.

You can also see the video in HD by clicking here and going to the YouTube page.

The band is playing "Pills", a cover of a Bo Diddly song, later made popular by The New York Dolls.


  1. AF during video with 20mm is a pain indeed... Let's hope panasonic will soon release our highly awaited 12-50mm bright zoom...

  2. First excellent Blog, I am new to the mft format and I love it(GH2 with 14-42- and 20mm pancake Nikon 500mm &35mm 1.4). Pretty Good looking footage, How did you get the audio it sounds pretty good, was it onboard mic or external mix fed on the mic input?

    @Xaos I hope that this 12-50 lens does not come from pana for 2 main reasons even though I like the sharpness of pana, the price Slow focus and slow aperture it will have... Mabe from Tamron if possible as good as their 28-75mm . I can't believe that mft lens could cost way more that a canon or a nikon lens or even a third party manufacturer lens... I tend to go wih manual focus lenses from Nikon... More bangs for the bucks...

  3. Good question! I simply used the onboard built-in microphone on the GH2, and left the audio levels at auto. So, no extra effort with respect to the sound at all.

  4. Thank you... Sounds pretty good for auto levels!

  5. Great Video - cute girl from Oslo helps. But this was a Bo Diddly original, even if the Dolls were the best! Was this shot handheld, or with a steadycam?

  6. Thank you for your correction regarding the origin of the song!

    This was completely handheld. Or rather, I had the camera in a strap around my neck, and rested my hands on the camera, pulling it downwards. That keeps it more stable. At the same time, I leaned towards a pillar.