Saturday, 9 April 2011

Self portrait on a bicycle

The Lumix G 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lens is fun to use, due to it's extremely wide perspective. This type of lenses are commonly used in extreme sports videos, like skateboard and BMX. I don't do this type of things myself, but I figured I could use the lens to record myself bicycling anyway.

To do this, I attached the Panasonic GH2 camera to the front fork of the bicycle. I used a Manfrotto Super Clamp, which is essentially a clamp with a tripod head attachment stud. To be able to attach the camera, I also used a tripod ball head, and I chose the Benro BH0, which is pretty compact. After putting it on my bicycle, it looks like this:

Here's the video I recorded:

I prefocused at about 50cm, and set the camera to Manual Focus (MF) before starting the video recording. This was done to avoid focus hunting during the video. The 8mm fisheye lens focuses very quickly, but still, I wanted to avoid short periods of out of focus footage.

I think the colours look a bit dull in this video. It was a somewhat dull day, but still, I think that the next time, I will increase the colour saturation setting before using this lens for videos.


  1. Nice images. Nice to see how the back of the bike moves away from and back to the fork.

    I sometimes appear myself in video clips I record during cycling. Most of the time, this is unintentionally. I just like to share the view on the surroundings. By the way, currently I use the Contour GPS action camera to do this. You may find some GH1 footage when browsing through my Contour clips.

  2. Um, did you leave the strap on while riding?? How did it not get caught in the spokes or something else on the road?

  3. I just wrapped the strap around the handle of the clamp. It kept the strap safely out of the way.