Sunday, 23 January 2011

GH2: Face recognition works with toys

Like many other CDAF cameras, the Panasonic GH2 has face recognition. This means that it will find out where faces are in the image frame, and will prioritize focusing on them. One fun fact is that it also works with toy faces.

In the video, I have put the Leica Lumix 45mm f/2.8 macro lens on the GH2 camera. This is the only macro lens (at this time), which can autofocus reasonably fast with the GH2. The Olympus Zuiko Digital 50mm f/2 macro also autofocuses on the GH2, however, the focus is very slow.

You'll see that in the video, the camera starts focusing straight away. This is because I set the Pre-AF mode to AFQ. In this mode, the camera will start focusing when the image is stable, assuming that you have framed your subject and are ready to release the shutter. Used this way, the Pre-AF mode let's you get your picture faster, since the camera has already focused.

Note that the Pre-AF mode only works when there is a generous amount of light. In dim indoor lightning, it does nothing at all. You will have to half press the shutter release as usual for focus when the lightning is dim.

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